Laser Substrate Heaters (LSH-100)

  • LSH-100 on Pioneer 120 Advanced PLD System

  • Extracted view of laser heater

  • Laser heater power supply

  • Laser heater at 1000ºC

  • Neocera wafer carrier

  • Omicron wafer carrier

laser heater on system - thumbnailLaser heater power supply1 thumbnailfront side wafer carrier - thumbnail imageside view of omicron wafer carrier - thumbnail

Neocera Laser Substrate Heaters provide substrate temperatures in excess of 1000°C on a variety of substrates. The substrates include optically transparent oxide substrates used for epitaxial film growth. The back side of substrate is in direct thermal contact with an absorber heated by a 100 W (or 140 W) fiber-coupled diode laser. Temperature of the absorber is constantly monitored by an integrated optical pyrometer which provides feedback to the PID control loop. Neocera laser substrate heaters are fully compatible with custom wafer carriers used in a variety of UHV analytical systems such as XPS, AES, ARPES, etc.

Neocera proprietary software (Windows 7, Labview 2013) provides the user with a number of options for programming custom temperature profiles, heating modes, and for creating libraries of profiles. The entire heater assembly is fully integrated for reliable and safe operation in research laboratories.


  • Stand-alone turn-key heaters that can be integrated with existing PLD systems, sputtering systems as well as other UHV analytical systems where sample heating is needed.
  • Deposition of epitaxial films and superlattices at very high Temperatures. Deposition of nanoscale thin films using in situ RHEED diagnostics.
  • Oxygen compatibility for oxide film depositions.
  • In situ diagnostics Compatibility: low angle x-ray spectroscopy (LAXS) and ion energy spectroscopy (IES).
  • Compatibility with UHV analytical (XPS/ARPES) systems
Substrate temperature (max)
Substrate size (max)
10 mm x 10 mm
Oxygen compatibility
Up to 1 atm (760 Torr) of Oxygen
Substrate rotation
360° continuous rotation @ up to 30 RPM
Temperature control
Integrated pyrometer, PID control loop
Temperature stability
Temperature uniformity
Substrate z-adjustability (with standard Neocera wafer carrier)
50 mm
Pre-ablation shutter
Can be operated in pulsed mode.
High-pressure RHEED compatibility
In situ UHV wafer transfer compatibility (from PLD system to analyticanalysis with ARPES, ARUPS, XPS, Auger)
Rapid temperature rise and cool features available (100°C/s)