At Neocera, our mission is to apply core technologies to accelerate the evolution of new products that improve quality of life.

Thin FilmOffice front shot of Neocera

  • Accelerating materials research R&D
  • Core Technology – Pulsed Energy Deposition
  • Grew out of superconductivity research
  • Rapid prototyping of new thin film material
  • End products benefiting from Neocera’s Thin Film business
    • Solar Cells
    • LEDs
    • Disc drives and Thin Film heads
    • Optical filters
    • Night vision


  • Accelerating semiconductor failure analysis
  • Core Technology – Magnetic Field Imaging
  • Single tool isolates all static electrical faults
  • Provides fastest path to FA results
  • End products benefiting from Neocera’s Magma business
    • Smart phones
    • Personal computers
    • Automobile electronics
    • Cloud computing
    • Tablet computing