Management Team

Neocera is led by a seasoned management team with extensive experience in the semiconductor industry and deep knowledge of the physics and electrical engineering concepts that power Neocera’s products.

T. Venkatesan

Founder & Chairman

T Venkatesan

T. Venkatesan, Founder, Chairman and Chief Technology Adviser, is a world-renowned entrepreneur/scientist who invented the PLD process at Bell Labs/Bellcore, founded Neocera in 1989 to commercialize PLD and founded the Surface Modification Center at Rutgers University. He negotiated the license agreement for the magnetic imaging system from University of Maryland and has included this in Neocera’s product portfolio. He was a scientist/manager at Bell Labs/ Bellcore for 17 years followed by another 17 years as Professor of ECE and Physics at University of Maryland Center for Superconductivity research. Since 2008, he is the Director of the Nano Institute at the National University of Singapore. He has over 650 publications and 30 patents in the area of oxides and interfaces and has over 34,000 citations and an h factor of 95.

John Matthews

President & CEO

John Matthews

John Matthews is an Entrepreneur with 35 years of experience serving the semiconductor industry. In 1979, he launched Fusion Semiconductor Systems within Fusion Systems Corp to identify and commercialize products based on Fusion’s patented microwave powered UV light technology. He developed and patented technology for stabilizing photoresist patterns leading to successful development of a semiconductor capital equipment business.  Other products for ashing photoresist were later added utilizing Fusion’s core competence in coupling microwaves to plasma.  Trailing twelve month revenues of these products reached $100 million.  Mr. Matthews actively participated in the company’s initial public offering, and later business sale to Eaton. Mr. Matthews joined Neocera’s Board of Directors in 2001 to assist in raising capital and guiding overall business strategy. He has led the company as President & CEO since 2006 to develop and execute the growth strategy for its two business units.

Joshua Dailey

Treasurer and Controller

Joshua Dailey is in charge of financial reporting, internal controls, cash management, and banking relationships; and also serves as Secretary for the Company. He has been in controllership, CFO, financial project management roles for over 10 years. His previous experience to Neocera includes working on the 2008 financial audit of NASA, financial management in government mortgages at Freddie Mac and Assistant Controller of Courtesy Associates, a government contractor in DC. Joshua will be working to adopt a new ERP system to help improve the financial operations and reporting for Neocera.

Antonio Orozco

Director of R&D – Magnetic Field Imaging

Antonio Orozco is R&D Manager and Scientist at Neocera working on R&D of magnetic microscopy with SQUID and Magnetoresistive sensors. He is also in charge of Enginnering and Customer Support. His efforts concentrate on expanding the capabilities of Magnetic Field Imaging for Fault Isolation applications and further developments of Neocera’s Magma magnetic microscope. He received a M.S. in Theoretical Physics from the Universidad Autonoma of Madrid, Spain, in 1992 and a Ph.D. in condensed matter physics from the University of Cadiz, Spain, in 1996. He has been working on new materials and novel magnetic oxides, superconductors and heterostructures for device applications, spin electronics and magnetic field detection as well as magnetic microscope system design and data acquisition. His experience includes over 20 years in computational physics and electromagnetic modelling, 14+ years in failure analysis of integrated circuits, 15+ year’s expertise in magnetic field detection and imaging. He has pioneered many of Neocera’s technological innovations in Failure Analysis for detecting shorts, leakages, high resistance and dead open failures by magnetic imaging. He has been Principal Investigator or had leading roles in numerous Government and private funded research projects. He is the author of numerous scholarly and technical papers, contributed talks, invited talks and seminars and four patents related to Magnetic Field Imaging.

Dr. Solomon Kolagani

Director of Thin Film Products

Dr. Solomon Kolagani is the Director of Thin Film Products. He works closely with a dynamic group of researchers and engineers in developing next generation PLD and PED products. He is also responsible for thin film product sales, both domestic and international. He has over 25 years of experience in various thin film process technologies and deposition tools, has authored over 50 research papers, holds 7 US Patents and has managed over 25 research programs funded by the US government. Dr. Kolagani has a PhD in Physics from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India. Prior to joining Neocera in 1992, Dr. Kolagani worked at Bell Communications Research, NJ and also at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.

Jay Dorsey

Director of Operations

Jay Dorsey is the Director of Operations at Neocera for the PLD (Pulsed Laser Deposition) and Magma (Magnetic Field Imaging) production lines. His main efforts include managing all aspects of Manufacturing, Purchasing, and Shipping/Receiving as well as Customer Service and Engineering support. He has been actively implementing techniques for continuous improvement in the manufacturing process, Lean manufacturing, materials and project planning/scheduling management. His experience includes over 10 years in Engineering and 5 years as head of in-house equipment service while at Pace, Inc., and 14+ years in the manufacturing environment while at Neocera, LLC. He provides high level support for critical R&D externally funded projects and has leading roles in scheduling coordination for in-house projects.