The Leading Manufacturer of PLD/PED Systems and Failure Analysis Products

Neocera is a technology company that serves academia, government and multinational companies. The business is composed of two product divisions: thin-film products, which most commonly refers to pulsed laser deposition (PLD) and pulsed electron deposition (PED) systems and components, and failure analysis products targeted toward semiconductor manufacturers, which is the Magma product line.


PLD/PED Systems

We are a pioneer in the development of PLD technology. We are the largest supplier of PLD and PED tools for R&D and have experience interfacing our tools with a variety of other deposition tools and analytical systems to create custom solutions. Neocera developed in-situ real-time diagnostics equip the researcher with the tools needed for the development and application of advanced materials.


Semiconductor Failure Analysis Tools

We apply novel magnetic field imaging technology to meet emerging needs in semiconductor failure analysis. By virtue of being able to permeate all materials, magnetic field imaging avoids the limitations of optical, e-beam and thermal techniques for electrical fault isolation. Magnetic field imaging techniques allow in a single tool the isolation of all static electrical faults (shorts, leakages and opens).