Pioneer 180 MAPLE PLD System

  • MAPLE System

  • Illustration of liquid nitrogen cooled target stage with optional substrate heater

  • Inside Chamber

  • Target stage from top

  • Maple target stage

  • Maple PLD System at INFLPR/Bucharest

  • Maple PLD System at INFLPR/Bucharest

MAPLE SystemMaple cartoon thumbnail (2 by 1)Inside ChamberMaple stage from Topmaple target stage - side view - thumbnail imagemaple pld bucharest thumbnailmaple pld bucharest 2 thumbnail

Special Features

  • Stand-alone MAPLE PLD System
  • Deposition of Organic and Polymer thin films
  • Additional deposition sources (Optional) in the same chamber: Pulsed Electron Deposition (PED), RF/DC Sputtering and DC ion sources
  • Load-lockable substrate stage
  • Integration with XPS analytical System, insitu wafer transfer from PLD system to Analytical System


Matrix Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation (MAPLE) is a variant of PLD. This was introduced by the NRL group to facilitate deposition of certain functional organic materials as thin films. UV based (5-6 eV) conventional PLD techniques may not be applicable in this case, due to photo-chemical reactions that could deteriorate the functionality of the organic molecules, polymers etc. In MAPLE, a special target is prepared by mixing the organics (or polymers) to be deposited, with a laser wavelength-absorbing solvent (the Matrix). In addition to optical absorption, a high vapor pressure at the deposition conditions is a prerequisite for the Matrix. The liquid target is then frozen into a solid by cooling with Liquid Nitrogen. The laser radiation is primarily absorbed by the highly volatile, frozen, solvent (matrix) molecules of the target, which are subsequently disorbed from the solid target, trapping and carrying away the organic molecules of interest. During their transit towards the substrate, the highly volatile matrix molecules are pumped away, delivering the organic molecules to the substrate where a film is deposited.

PLD Chamber Size
12” /18” diameter (Pioneer 120-Advanced/ Pioneer 180 Models)
Base Vacuum
5 x 10-7 Torr, pumps soft-ware controlled
Substrate Size
2” diameter maximum and/or Multiple 1 cm x 1cm samples
Substrate Heating
500˚C Maximum Programmable Heater
Substrate Rotation
20 RPM (Software Controlled)
Target Stage
  • Liquid Nitrogen cooled
  • Single target stage is standard
  • Multiple targets (optional)
  • Load-Locks
    Substrate load-lock (optional)
    Process Gases
    As required 50-100 SCCM MFCs
    Windows 7/Labview 2013