Pioneer 120 PLD System

  • The Pioneer 120 PLD System

  • 1″ Conductive substrate heater

  • Conductive substrate heater

  • Temperature Controller

  • 2″ Conductive heater

1-inch conductive substrate heater2 inch conductive substrate heaterTemperature controllerPioneer 120 Adv - target carousel with shield - thumbnailConductive heater - thumbnail image

Special Features

  • Stand-alone turn-key PLD system.
  • Deposition of epitaxial films, multi-layer heterostructures and superlattices.
  • Deposition of nanoscale thin films.
  • Programmable Oxygen Compatible heater for epitaxial oxide film depositions.
  • Automated multi-target carousel for multi layer depositions.
  • All-dry vacuum pumping packages.
  • Closed loop pressure control via System software.


Pioneer 120 PLD System is the most basic PLD System. This is a stand-alone PLD system for preparing high quality epitaxial films, multi-layer heterostructures, superlattices etc. The primary difference between this PLD system and the Pioneer 120 Advanced and Pioneer 180 PLD Systems is the substrate heating stage. Pioneer 120 uses a conductive heating stage for substrate heating where as the other models use radiative heating stages. The substrates have to be in close contact with the heater plate in order to achieve the rated high temperature of 950° C. Silver paste will be needed to provide intimate contact between the heater plate and the substrate (when these high temperatures are desired). In cases where silver paste is not desirable, substrate clips are provided for holding the substrate. In these cases, the maximum substrate temperature could be lower than the rated 950° C. The heater is Oxygen compatible up to 1 atmosphere (760 Torr) of Oxygen, a unique feature valuable for preparing epitaxial oxide films that may require post deposition annealing in Oxygen ambient and also cool-down in Oxygen pressures approaching 1 atmosphere. Pioneer 120 PLD System includes an automated multi-target carousel with target rotation, target raster and software controlled target selection as needed for multilayer and superlattice depositions. A closed loop pressure control provides precise process pressure control using mass flow controllers. The dry pumping package is a combined turbomolecular pump backed by a mechanical diaphragm or scroll pump. The System software ( Windows 7, LabView 2013) controls the substrate heater, target carousel, process pressure, system pumps and laser triggering.

Substrate Size
1-inch and 2-inch diameter
Deposition Chamber Size
12-inches in diameter
Base Vacuum
5 x 10-7 Torr (Turbopump)
Substrate Temperature
950° C max, Conductive heater, Oxygen compatible
Multi-Target Carousel
6 x 1 inch
Mass Flow Controller(s)
One MFC for Oxygen is standard, more MFCs are optional
Windows 7, Labview 2013