Multi-target Carousel

  • Multi-target Carousel with power supply and software

  • Multi-target Carousel outside of chamber

  • Multi-target carousel without shield

  • Multi-target carousel control software

Multitarget Carousel with power supply and softwareMultitarget Carousel - ProfileMultitarget carousel without shieldMultitarget carousel control software

Neocera multi-target carousels are designed to provide optimum film properties through improved target erosion characteristics. The targets rotate about their axes and also raster about the axis of the carousel, exposing fresh surface to each pulse of the laser. Rotation alone will lead to non-homogeneous erosion of the target surface and this is avoided by a combined rotation and rastering of the targets. For depositing epitaxial films and multilayer heterostructures with reproducible and optimum film properties, these target carousel features are critical. The targets do not need sanding or resurfacing.

Number of targets
Six 1-inch diameter or three 2-inch diameter
Target rotation
360 degrees continuous (1-20 RPM)
Target rastering
Max 100 degrees/sec (for uniform ablation over entire target surface)
Target indexing
Target height
  • Adjustable for non-UHV systems
  • in situ for UHV systems with Z stage
  • Target shield
    Yes (protects targets from cross contamination)
  • Epitaxial films
  • multilayer
  • superlattice
  • Target rastering protocol
    Non-linear velocity protocol
    CCS capability
    Yes (without need for masks)