Deposition Chambers

  • Empty 12″ deposition chamber

  • Empty 18″ deposition chamber

Thumbnail of empty 12" deposition chamber
Neocera Deposition Chambers are specifically designed for Pulsed Laser Deposition and Pulsed Electron Deposition. These chambers are compatible with Neocera Substrate Heaters, Neocera Target Carousels and several other components offered by Neocera. The Chambers are made of SS304 and are UHV compatible and will have numerous ports ideally designed and configured for PLD, PED, load-locks, RF/DC Sputter sources, DC ion sources and process control diagnostics such as such as high-pressure RHEED, Ion Energy Spectroscopy etc.
Neocera offers two standard size spherical chambers (12” and 18” diameter) with an access door. The access door can be sealed off if load-locks are planned as in the case for UHV Systems. Custom size chambers can be provided in cases where the substrate size exceed 6-inches in diameter. In special cases, Neocera works with customers in designing a chamber that matches the customer needs.
For 12 inch diameter chamber
  • 8" CF pumping port
  • 8" CF substrate heater port
  • 8" CF target carousel port
  • 8" CF port with access door (and view port)
  • 8" CF view port (top)
  • 4.5" CF excimer laser port and/or 6.75" CD PED port
  • 2.75" CF ports (for accessories)
  • Capabilities
  • PLD
  • PED
  • RF/DC sputter source
  • For 18 inch diameter chamber
  • 8” CF port with hinged door
  • 8” CF substrate heater port
  • 8” CF target carousel port
  • 6” CF laser port
  • 6” CF RHEED gun port
  • 6” CF RHEED screen port
  • 6” CF pumping port
  • Three 6” CF ports (RF, DC Sputtering and /or DC Ion guns/View ports).
  • 6.75” CF PED port.
  • 6” CF load-lock port
  • Additional 2.75” and 1.33” CF ports.
  • Insitu diagnostic ports.