Conductive Substrate Heaters

  • 2″ diameter heater

  • 2″ diameter heater

  • 1″ diameter heater, flange mounted

  • Temperature controller with phase fired power supply

1-inch conductive substrate heaterTemperature controller

Substrate heaters play an important role in achieving optimum film properties via growth kinetics. In the case of epitaxial oxide films, oxygen compatibility is also critical as the films are normally deposited in a high-partial pressure of Oxygen (up to 500mTorr) and at relatively high temperatures (around 1000˚C). With these requirements in the forefront, Neocera developed a variety of Substrate heaters. Research requirements demand flexibility in the features (maximum temperature, size, system compatibilities, cost etc) and hence the need for an assortment of heaters.

In the case of conductive substrate heaters, the substrate is in direct contact with the heater plate. The primary heat transfer mechanism is thermal conduction. The substrate is attached to the heater plate either by silver thermal paste or by mechanical clips. Silver paste bonding will provide the maximum substrate temperature possible (950˚C) where as mechanical clips can be used when lower temperatures are acceptable (650-700˚C and below).

Maximum Substrate Temperature
950 ̊
Heater sizes
2" diameter standard with 1", 3" and 4" diameter available upon request
Oxygen compatibility
Up to 1 atmosphere (760 Torr) of oxygen
Temperature control
PID controlled with K-type thermocouple.
Temperature stability
+/- 1 ̊ C
Temperature uniformity
+/- 5 ̊ C
Mechanical adjustability
XYZ adjustments allowed (exsitu)
Other features
  • Pre-ablation shutter is included.
  • Temperature controller can be integrated with Neocera software