Semiconductor Failure Analysis Tools

Neocera brings to the semiconductor failure analysis community its Magma magnetic field imaging microscopes, which can localize all static defects – shorts, leakages and opens – in microelectronic systems. Neocera’s Magma systems can accommodate 300 mm wafers for die-level interconnects, PC boards for final packaging, and all types of device packages including multi-chip modules featuring heterogeneous integration of disparate devices, stacked devices, 3DICs and SiP. The new platform has been designed using end user’s inputs to provide user-friendly setup and operation, as well as higher throughput and lower operating costs. Following are a sampling of the features that are standard with new Magma microscopes:

  • High visibility provided by LEDs and web cam
  • Single frame occupies less lab space and shortens electrical connections
  • Added space for easy backside probing
  • User-friendly software interface simplifies setup and analysis
  • New cryogenics simplifies cooling and reduce operating costs
  • Large samples can be handled with expanded operating space
  • Precise high-resolution scanning is enabled with XYZ/tilt stages
  • Vibration isolation improvements provide stable scanning environment
  • Workspace is designed ergonomically
  • Component layout is designed for superior serviceability



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